Capital Copy

Integrated Marketing Communications

4. Ads by category

(1600 words: 200 per ad and 200 per journal article)

There are four categories in this stage of the reflective folio:

  • social media
  • b2b
  • not-for-profit
  • global

a) collect one ad per category and one post-2011 academic article per category

b) taking into account what the category is and why the ad belongs in the category, produce a 200 word evaluative critique for each ad that considers the following:

  • what were the objectives of the ad from the brands perspective
  • who was the intended audience?
  • is the ad effective? Why?
  • how would you improve the ad?

c) produce a 200 word evaluative critique for each article by explaining the findings and giving insights into the latest academic research in the area and how this will inform future advertising in that category.


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