Rhonda and Ketut: A Love Story

Rhonda and Ketut: A Love Story

Marketing agency Ogilvy played out the award-winning Rhonda-Ketut love story advertisements from 2011 to 2014 to create awareness of AAMI’s safe driver’s reward scheme (AMI 2013 Awards for Marketing Excellence, n.d.; Burrowes 2012; Rhonda & Ketut n.d.).

a) Did the campaign affect consumer behaviour in a sustainable, ongoing way?

The campaign stimulated consumer engagement, in terms of YouTube views comparative to rival brands, and an advertising awareness of 72per cent, compared with a norm of 33 per cent. It also resulted in spontaneous consideration of the AAMI brand of 56 per cent (The Rhonda and Ketut narrative: campaign post-analysis 2014). Ogilvy itself reported an “increase of more than 20 per cent year on year in new business opportunities”  (Rhonda & Ketut n.d.). The campaign created sustainable and ongoing brand awareness in a mature market which featured many competitors (Rhonda & Ketut n.d.).

b) Name the key elements that make the campaign award winning.

The campaign utilised all forms of the marketing communications promotions mix: advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, public relations and online marketing (Clow & Baack 2012, p.6-7; Rhonda & Ketut n.d.). The humorous, long-play storyline between safe driver Rhonda and her holiday romance with Ketut was well-received by many (although not all) Australians who responded to an accompanying social media campaign on Facebook with more than 100,000 likes (Burrowes 2012). The humour created brand-awareness and memory retention in a market in which brand parity was a recognised threat (Rhonda & Ketut n.d.).


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